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Remote PC Repair in Bartlesville OK or Any Where In the USA I Can Help You With Windows PC Problems

Remote PC Repair services is our new addition to our line of affordable computer repair service that we have been providing our local area residents for the past 2 years. I’m noted for affordable Computer Repair in Bartlesville OK, backed up by 16 years of experience in Windows PC repair services, PC security services and upgrades.

I’m a Certified PC Specialist and the owner and operator of Washington IT Solutions, a local Bartlesville computer repair service company. Over the past 2 years I have had several request for onsite computer repair services that were just to far away for me to take on the job.

So I knew I had to find a solution in order to help people that was not in my immediate area. Trying to support customers over the phone can be a difficult challenge to say the least. Computer repairmen have told stories on everything from explaining to customers that opening the Windows OS does not mean to open a window in their home.

It don’t have to be difficult to get computer services onsite, in fact it is somewhat easy with the implementation of Remote PC Repair support capabilities being offer by Washington IT Solutions for all your computer repair needs.

Whether you are an individual or a business, I know that you rely on your computer to do your job and stay connected. I’m the right person to call when you need to get your computer performing at top speed again and back online as fast as possible and at a price that’s reasonable. Washington IT Solutions is the sole owner and webmaster of the ComputerRepairBartlesvilleOK.Com website and I operate from home, thanks to my wife for giving me one room all to my self to operate my computer repair business. With that being said, you can see that I have lower overhead than most of the big boys and I base my fees on that.


Remote PC Repair Service Is Safe

I think most customers will appreciate the ease of use of remote PC repair services for their computer repair needs, as opposed to you to taking your computer in to some shop where it will be held hostage for days or a week or two.

However, I know there will be concerns about privacy and security when letting a technician connect to your computer. With Washington IT Solutions, you can be sure your information is secure.

Our remote PC repair session traffic is encrypted through not 128-bit but 256-bit AES. That means all session information will be encrypted for our eyes only and will only travel between the host, that’s me and the guest computer, that’s you and vice versa.

By visiting Computer Repair in Bartlesville OK we assume that you need our assistance to help fix a virus related problems on your Windows PC. Call us today at: 918-876-0757 for a free no obligation consultation.

If your computer suddenly started to run slower than normal or you’re getting constant intrusive popup messages that are very annoying to say the least, some of your personal information could be transmitted back to some unknown who is tracking every move you make on your computer and the internet. That’s not good.

Thanks for visiting Computer Repair in Bartlesville OK Call us today for a free assessment and quote. We are ready to meet your slow computer security needs.

Remote PC Repair services in Bartlesville OK Will CONNECT TO YOU!

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