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We are the home of affordable Computer Repair in Bartlesville OK, backed up by 20 years experience in computer repairs, computer security and upgrades.

Bo Washington is a Certified Computer Specialist and the owner and operator of Washington IT Solutions, a local Bartlesville computer repair company. He has been fixing computers since the mid 90’s and has clocked up thousands of hours performing hardware upgrades, system builds, software installations, and general computer services.

Whether you are an individual or a business, we know that you rely on your computer to do your job and stay connected. He is the right person to call when you need to get your computer performing at top speed and back online as fast as possible at a price you can afford.

At Computer Repair in Bartlesville OK we offer:

  • Small Business computer repair services, fast repairs, including same-day service. No more waiting for days or weeks to get your computer back in operation.
  • In home/on-site fast remote computer repair services. We will visit your location remotely at no extra charge, saving you both time and gasoline. We offers personalized computer services that you simply won’t get from larger providers.
  • Competitive flat rate service fees for all remote computer repair services we do not charge hourly fees and there are no hidden costs. Unlike the big boys, we will not charge you outrageous diagnostics fees or keep you waiting for days on a service that only takes a couple of hours to perform.

By visiting remote Computer Repair in Bartlesville OK we assume that you need our assistance to help fix virus related problems on your computer. Call us today at: 918-876-0757 for a free no obligation consultation.

Are your computer suddenly running too slow? Are you getting constant intrusive popup messages that are very annoying to say the least or have you encountered the blue screen of death? We can help.

We offer a low-priced virus/spyware removal and computer tune-up service that includes:

  • Scan, quarantine and remove malware, including Adware, trojans, fix virus and worm problems.
  • Ensure your system is up to date with all the latest Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Firewall software, and the latest Windows security patches and Windows updates.
  • Software tune-up that includes registry cleanup, removal of redundant software, remove broken shortcuts, delete invalid installer data, remove temporary internet files.
  • Instructions on how to keep your system malware, spyware and virus free and running at peak performance like it is suppose to.

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Call us today for a free assessment and quote. We are ready to meet all your computer security needs.

Secure Remote Computer Repair in Bartlesville OK Will Connect TO YOU Remotely! No Matter Where You’re Located! No Hidden Fees!
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