16 Year Bartlesville Computer Repair Specialist Is Going To Share With You How To Do What He Does To Computers To fix virus problems and To Speed Them Up And Make Them Run Like They Are New Again

Fix virus on PCIf you are like me you rely on your computer to do word processing, to help in running your business, or just simple e-mailing, you need to know how to fix virus problems.

If you connect to the internet for any reason you must have this knowledge because it’s just a matter of time before your computer get infected with viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, malware and a lots more.

Learning to fix virus problems and speeding up your computer can easily be learned by anyone, if you know how to turn a computer on, watch a video and follow simple instructions you can learn to solve your computer virus and slow running computer problems yourself.

 Bonus: Although you will learn to fix virus problems, there’s a lot more you need to know.

Test your knowledge and see if you can pass the test of the “Protect Yourself From Online Threats” video tutorials.


You may be wondering is this something that I need to learn, if you answer yes to any of the questions below then I would say yes.

  • Do your computer run considerable slower than it used to
  • When you browse the Internet, do you get lots of popup advertisements
  • Is your Browser constantly being hijacked, meaning are you being taking to web pages not of your choosing
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The majority of computer owners have an Anti Virus software program install on their computer but they fell to keep it updated, and most think that’s all they need to protect their computer.

Most people are surprised to learn that there is a lot more security attackers besides viruses. And if your computer is running slower than normal some of them are probably on your computer right now, running in the background.

There could be spyware, malware, trojans, and a number of other things on your computer right now that are slowing it down and making you think that you need a new one.

Now you can go out and purchase yourself a brand new PC and spend on average $500.00 to a $1000.00, or you may take your computer to a computer store or you may know someone that has and your costs will generally run anywhere from $69.00 to $200.00.

But wait, you can learn the basics to help protect computer today by following and implementing the information in the Fix Virus Computer Repair Speed Up videos.

In this 6 video series, you will learn how to start taking charge of protecting and speeding up your computer on your own without spending one thin dime. This video course originally sold for $47.00 but you won’t pay that, you see I have purchased MRR to this video series and I can share it with you free of charge.

Let’s get started with the 1st video.


  • Introduction: You’ll get an introduction of your computer, how viruses and malware can affect it, and the basic understanding that is necessary before we view the rest of the video series.
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Click Here Go To Video 2

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