Flat Rate Computer Repair Service Bartlesville


Bartlesville Flat Rate Computer Repair Services

We charge flat rate computer repair fees to make it as easy as possible for all our computer repair services so there is never any confusion on what the charges will be.

When your computer is not performing the way it should one of the first things you need to do is determine if you have a computer virus or malware running in the background.

We will run a complete virus and malware scan to just be sure. Most people are surprised how many computer viruses and malware we find on their computer and they did not even know they were there.

Computer tune-up is something that is included with every service that we perform and we even show you how we do it so that you can do it yourself from time to time. Once your computer is cleaned up you will be surprised at how fast your computer will perform.

We can perform computer repair, computer maintenance, virus & malware removal, computer tune up, computer security check-up, computer data backup, computer networking, PC devices and peripherals check-up, new operating systems installs, help with e-mail accounts, file management and software updates.

Flat Rate Computer Repair Prices at Washington IT Solutions

We offer a fixed flat rate computer repair prices so you will always know where you stand with no surprises. We will charge the published flat rate computer repair price for each individual repair that is performed. We will perform a complete diagnosis on all computers received to identify the problem and determine the appropriate solution whether it’s a software or hardware related problem. Diagnosis is always free even if we can’t fix it. No fix – no pay.

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