How Much To Pay For Computer Repair

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If you’re worried about the amount you have to pay for computer repair services, take notice to this article and you will be better prepared to make the right decision.

Computer Repair Cost

Most all computer repairs cost are based on what need to be done to your computer. Most will charge you an hourly rate (beware), While some charge you a flat fee (like Washington IT Solutions). In the mean time, the computer repair business is huge and that relates to competitive rates being out there. Call a few shops, get some estimates, look for the best deals and ask your friends for recommendations.

Computer Repair Service

It’s best to know exactly what you will be charged before you agree to any repair service. At Washington IT Solutions We will be clear and transparent upfront with our pricing by telling you how much your repair will cost you before you agree to any work.

Computer Repair Shop

A long with the pricing of services, always ask if the service or parts carry any guarantees and if the price includes the full cost of the repair. Also, you will find some computer shops charging by the hour, avoid them like the plague. If they can give you the exact hours involved it may not be a bad deal, but otherwise stay away.

Lets say the computer repair person quote you for a fee of $50 for one hour and say it will take about two hours to do the repair. Then four or five hours later, he says it took longer than expected and you will have to pay more than what you quoted.

It’s only natural that some repairs will cost more as opposed to others and some repairs will also take longer than some others. When it come to laptop or desktop repairs, the charge will general be higher for laptops.

Nowadays, computers are mainstays in our everyday lives and practically used in every task we perform. Whether it’s a small problem like software malfunction or issues like a hardware not working as it suppose to, most of us need a fix as soon as possible. The most likely choice is to contact a computer repair shop that provides computer repair and other related services. You can even try the repair yourself but most of the time that may make the problem worst.

No one should be without their beloved computer for long periods of time. We usually try and beat our quoted time frame for getting your computer back in your hands, which means my customers usually get their systems back a lot quicker than expected. With that being said, we don’t let speed of return rush us into more quality work. We just don’t sign off on a repair until we know the work has been completed to our satisfaction and pass the quality test set by us.

With our long experience in this business our motto has always been timely service, best quality and lowest possible cost. Our customers expect quality service and assistance and I can say without a doubt we deliver on bringing the best value to our customers, we value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our customers and contacts and we try to provide a dedicated service with an honest approach in all our dealings.

Washington IT Solutions offer a fixed fee rate for their computer repair services while some others may charge you on an hourly basis. Be sure and know beforehand how much the actual service is likely to set you back if the computer repair shop charges on an hourly basis.

In-home computer repair servicing

When PC repairs is software related (such as Windows OS files), most of the time it will be a quicker solution, but if it is hardware related, you will need to take the PC to the computer repair shop or the repair person will need to visit your home.

Taking your PC to a shop is a good idea because PC repair shop would have more tools at their shop. When they make a visit to your home, they cannot bring all their tools or that may be required to diagnose and repair the problem. Also, when you go to the computer repair shop, it should be cheaper ((no travel time involved).

Another thing to be careful about is, when you call a computer repair shop for computer repairs in Bartlesville, you need to be careful that you are dealing with a reputable shop and person.

It’s better to be aware if the computer repair shop provides trusted solutions to problems by discovering how the shop has been serving its customers and be aware if the shop will be dependable any time an emergency to your system have occurred.

When you are on the lookout for IT services which are responsible and efficient, you might know that Washington IT Solutions may very well be your best choice at providing you with the best services. They will demonstrate that everything you are reading right now will be what you will receive when you choose their computer repair services. they are going to show you that your computer problems will be their main priority and you won’t be hassled into buying a new computer system that you probably don’t need or a bunch of new software that will be useless.

Our goal will be to get your system running like it’s suppose to in shortest possible time for the less amount money that’s fair for both parties. If you’ve had difficulties with computer services from your previous computer shops you may want to give Washington IT Solutions a try.

We know that when computers go haywire they can become very frustrating. We aim to help solve the frustration that you have experienced.

In-home computer repair servicing could ideal if you don’t trust your system being away from your home or if you don’t want to unplug everything and have to try figure out where all the cables need to go back after you have taken your computer to a shop for servicing.


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