Local PC Repair Service Bartlesville

pc-repairIn today’s technology era, we have everything online. We shop online, read online, learn online even we can get our computer repaired online! It is pretty convenient for users and definitely tempting for tech savvy people. Indeed, it lacks the personal touch by a local computer technician. Lets try to get some insights into local PC repair services.

A local PC repair service is something that computer users have been using traditionally. What users do is, as soon as they face any problem with their PC; which might comprise of a slow start up, a dead or slow machine, weirdly behaving optical drive, grinding noise from the hard drive, nagging pop-ups, annoying web page re-directions and so on; then they search Google and find a local computer technician. Some local computer technicians may offer to visit your place to repair the PC (home computer repair) or they might ask you to bring the PC to their local PC shop.

If you are using a laptop, its very easy to carry your computer in for a PC repair service. However, if its a desktop, youll need to unplug all the connections and carefully carry it to the local PC repair shop.
In such a case, your PC might be laying unattended for a few days in the shop (if you choose one of the big stores). You dont get a chance to see who or what kind of computer repair work is going on.

However, you can be assured that when dealing with a small local Pc repair shop you will most likely know who is servicing your equipment at all times so there will never be any misunderstandings. If you need to ask computer repair questions you will always know who to contact (not true with big companies because several different computer repair techs will probably work on your system and its easy to lose track on who did what).

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Do you see some advantages as well as disadvantages here? First thing first, actual physical examination of the computer is always better when only one tech is involved. One computer repair technician can actually perform better when they are the only one involved with the repair since its so easy to forget to relay everything that one did to another. For instance, if one tech is responsible for the virus scan and they run out of time or forget and the next person does the computer tune-up to finish the repair, guess what, your machine will still have a computer virus when you get it back home.

That’s one reason why so many PC repair jobs have to be done over again. Our one man Local PC repair shop is equipped with a workstation which comprises of all the required tools and all the diagnostic software that any large shop may have and we know how to use it.

However, your computer repair service is affected by how experienced the service provider is,(I have 16 years of Microsoft computer repair experience) and can resolve any issues which may be giving you problems. This will certainly increase the possibilities of you getting a more reliable solution.

And yes, the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting your PC is always there. As opposed to this, if you opt for our in home computer repair service, it will make your computer repair options much more comfortable.
With our in home computer repair service, you just need to contact Washington IT Solutions at 918-876-0757 for your computer repair questions and see if we can help solve your computer related problems.

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I will carefully examine your PC, performs the fix and you are done with the issue. You save a lot of time here no to mention money. There is no carrying around of PC and no confusion with PC connections.

Competitive Home Computer Repair Rates

Even if they say that their computer repair technician will travel to your home you’ll likely pay from $100.00 to $250.00 an hour. We will save you time and transportation cost as well.

But do you know what? Our PC repair prices are very competitive. I’m not going to charge you by the hour; I’m going to charge you flat rate computer repair fees regardless of how long it takes. Its not about what kind of defect or issue you are having.

We can deal with the hardware issues, software issues like operating system performance and optimization, virus and spyware attacks, slow start ups, data backup and recovery, Windows registry corrections, removal of unwanted software, getting rid of annoying pop-up ads and anything else can be dealt with at Washington IT Solutions. So its a win-win situation you get the best computer repair services in Bartlesville and we get to introduce our local PC repair service business to more local Bartlesville PC owners. You need to make a quick judgement on what kind of issue it is and choose what type of computer service you want to opt for.

Once you become a client you’ll get access to my special hot line where you can contact me 7 days a week if needed so you’ll never be left on your own. You’ll be able to use this number after regular hours for computer repair questions.

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