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How do I speed up speed up my PC

The Complete Guide To speed up my PC for free

Can I Speed up my PC for free is a fairly common question you see all over the Web. According to most people who bought a new PC, reports that it seemed rather fast initially. But as time passes and more programs and files were added to their hard drive the performance of their machine dropped off significantly.

Believe it or not there are  two low cost ways that I practice that can effectively boost up the speed of your machine. To be honest with you about these two methods you can do them both yourself.

The best solution to start with is to add more ram to your system. Adding more RAM is like giving your system more breathing room and it will increase the speed of your computer.

In addition to ram your system’s processors speed plays an important role. For example, upgrading your CPU from 1.5 GHz to 2.5 GHz or more can substantially increase its performance.

The second solution to your problem would be to switch to a 7200 RPM, 16 MB Cache HD for lightning-fast performance . One of the reasons for slow functioning of a computer is the communications speed to and from your hard drives.

In either event, if you are saying to yourself I want to speed up my PC for free, then there are some other ways to speed up your computer at no cost. One method to a faster PC without spending any money would be to clean up your Windows registry.

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The Windows registry is a very important part of your computer’s operating system. Every time you use Windows or uninstall and  different programs, your registry leaves trace files behind. This is just one of the reasons why your PC could be slowing down.

Without a doubt, repairing your registry of junk files could do it more harm than good. If you’re trying to clean up your registry for the first time, you could seriously damage it in the process. So, before you attempt to do it, you need to make a back up of your registry in case you have to revert back to it.

You may ask, are there more tips that can help speed up my PC for free? Yes, by disabling unnecessary start up programs. The Windows software have installed many start up programs, most of them you normally don’t need to run at start up. when you disable some of them you increase your computer’s speed.

And last but not least every once in a while you could delete your history, temporary files and Internet cookies.

Speed Up My PC For Free:

In this last video you will learn in dept knowledge on Start Up Programs, Defragging, Buying More RAM and more. You will explore more options on how to speed up my PC for free and have it running faster than ever.

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