Windows 10 Update 1709 – New Windows Defender

Windows 10 Update 1709 comes with new security features that a lot of users may have over looked. Windows Defender have stepped up to the plate and is providing more and better security for it’s user’s. Make sure that you are using the new Real Time Protection feature for your device. It stops Malware from installing or running on your device in real time for Windows 10 Update 1709 Version users.

Windows 10 Update 1709 Windows Defender Security Settings

If you haven’t updated to the Windows 10 Update 1709 version you have to check it out. Another security feature that’s worth looking into is the Controlled Folder Access. It’s a security feature that can stop ransomware in it’s tracks before any harm to your system is done.

Controlled folder access is a new feature in Windows Defender that stops unrecognized apps from making changes to protected folders.

According to Microsoft: Controlled Folder Access protects your files and folders making them inaccessible to ransomware and unauthorized apps.

I recently edited an image in Fireworks MX and was going to copy and paste it into another folder. But to my surprise, the image couldn’t be found during the copy process until I added Fireworks to acceptable apps. The Controlled Folder Access app will block any changes to files and folders by unfriendly apps that it don’t recognize.

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Controlled Folder Access is available for all thanks to the release of the Windows 10 Update 1709 Version

It can be turned on in the Windows Defender Security Center and then by opening the virus and threat protection window. While in that window you have to switch on the controlled folder access option.This feature will protect data from ransomware infections that manage to slip by regular protection.

1. Open Windows Settings and click Update & Security. Now click Windows Defender. Windows Defender will protect your PC from viruses, spyware, malware and more.


2. Open Windows Defender Security Center and click on the Virus & threat protection. Now click on Virus & threat protection settings.


2a. Now click on Virus & threat protection settings.


3. Make sure real-time protection is on. It stops malware in real-time from installing or running on your device.

4. Make sure Cloud-delivered protection is turned on. It provides increased and faster protection with access to the latest Windows Defender Antivirus protection data in the cloud.


5. Turn on Automatic sample submission, it help protect you and others from potential threats.
6. Turn on Controlled Folder access to protect your files and folders from unauthorized changes by unfriendly applications.


7. You will see protected folders under Controlled folder access if you click it you will see the protected folders. You can add more if needed.
8. Earlier I told you how I tried to copy a image from Fireworks MX to another folder without success. I then added Fireworks to the allowed apps and the copy and paste completed successfully.

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Windows10 Update 1709 boosts ransomware defenses

Controlled folder access is a powerful app that can make ransomware attacks obsolete.

Microsoft researchers said the new Windows 10 security features was able to protect against the Locky ransomware. Make sure you are protected.

The new Controlled Folder Access feature part of Windows Defender is one of the ways Microsoft Windows 10 Update 1709 keeps it’s users safe.

Remember, a back-up system is the best defense against ransomware if your files are protected elsewhere. This means not on your computer but should be on an external hard drive or on the cloud.