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Windows Virus Protection – The Essential Common Sense Tool

The Microsoft Windows Operating System is the most widely used operating system in the world and as a consequence, Windows virus protection must be a top priority because it is the most exposed operating system for malware attacks such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and adware.

That is why as a Windows Operating System user, you should always be on guard for malware intrusions and employ the necessary Windows virus protection measures for your computer system.

Over the years, hackers and malware programmers have devoted a great deal of time and effort to devise ways to encroach the Microsoft Windows system and they have become fairly successful.

Exponentially, anti-virus and internet security software manufacturers are also devising ways to improve their products and services, and the cycle goes on and on.

Most importantly however, are the conduct and habits of the Windows OS users in handling their computer systems in relation to windows virus protection and internet security. Even the best Windows virus protection software is only as good as the last update done by the manufacturer and user and to that end, the integrity of the computer system is wholly dependent on the actions done by the computer user. That is why you should pay careful attention in choosing an anti-virus software or an internet security suite for your particular computer system.

Careful consideration should be given to the very specifications of your computer to see whether it can handle a full-packed and power resource-intensive internet security package. While these types of windows virus protection solutions are ideal, free and downloadable anti-virus programs are recommended when your computer performance is compromised.

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There are a good number of free anti-virus software programs available from reputable companies and they have proven to be effective as long as you regularly conduct updates when available.

Another vital factor is your online habits. You should be aware of the potential dangers you might encounter in your dealings and interactions online like for example, conducting online banking transactions involving personal account information. E-mails, especially from unfamiliar and dubious sources should be dealt with caution.

Links and e-mail attachments supported with enticing words and phrases would most likely contain viruses and malwares waiting to be unleashed into your system. And still many people fall for that trap.

Offline computer habits such as inserting removable storage disks with abandon, particularly those removable flash drives are potentially harmful to your system especially if you don’t bother to scan them for viruses. In fact, many of the widely circulated computer viruses are passed on extensively by these compact flash drives.

In the end, a modestly equipped computer user that is well informed will have a better windows virus protection plan than an uninformed computer user that is well equipped.

The internet is a vast resource for information regarding windows virus protection. Do your research and do regular updates for your anti-virus and Windows operating system. And do a periodic and thorough computer virus scanning of your system. This is essential to maintain the integrity of your sensitive files, documents and personal data residing within your computer.

There will always be viruses and malwares more intrusive and dangerous than ever before, that’s a given, but there is no better defense than simple common sense.

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You are going to learn about protecting your computer from outside attacks and viruses. While most people have an antivirus software installed, a lot of them forget about a personal firewall. Especially if you use wifi and your computer is not protected by your router’s firewall, how will you monitor people or programs trying to get onto your computer? This is just the basics levels that everyone must protect themselves with.

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