Windows Xp won’t boot- xp stop: 0x000000d1 Fix

XP won’t boot – Computer blue screen (blue screen of death) What Everybody Ought To Know about XP won’t boot.

I recently repaired a desktop computer running Windows XP that would not boot in normal mode but would boot in safe mode. It had a 2.6 ghz processor, 2 gb of memory and two 500 gb harddrives installed.

Dust Kills Computers

Before I start dianostics I always pull out my Red Devil vaccumm and clean off the vent screens, in this case they were 95% blocked which means very little air was circulating through the computer.Wow, you talking about hot.

Now it’s time to see if a computer virus is causing the XP won’t boot problem. So I load up my virus software and let it do it’s thing and it did, it found 15 rouge trojan horses that it removed. So I’m thinking I got it, the Xp won’t boot problem fixed.

Trojan Horse Viruses

A trojan horse viruses try to emulate software that is legitimate and is well known so as to trick you into downloading and installing the fake computer program on to your PC.

Some trojan horse viruses can cause extensive data loss by wiping out your documents folder in your Windows Operating System. Microsoft Word defaults all documents to this folder.

Trojan horse viruses can also create a back door for computer hackers to get into your system and monitor your key strokes and transmit your personal and confidential information back to a server they have setup. That’s way you should make sure you are using a two firewall.

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Trojans are really powerful and you should by all means pay attention to virus postings and warnings from Microsoft and other reputable computer companies.

Ok, back to the Windows XP won’t boot problem, I started Windows Xp again and bam, the problem is still there. Re-booted and pressed F8 to display the Windows Advanced Options menu. Selected the Last Known Good Configuration from the menu and pressed Enter. No good the the XP won’t boot problem still there.

Since Windows XP won’t boot normally it would reboot over and over if I didn’t select a option to start in safe mode. So I was just getting a glimps of the blue screen.In this case, I needed to disable the option that causes Windows to reboot on system failure so the blue screen freeze so that I could read the error massage.

So I rebooted pressed F8 to display the Windows Advanced Options Menu and then selected Disable The Automatic Restart On System Failure item and pressed Enter. Now, Windows XP will freeze up because of the error and display an error message to help diagnose the problem.

In my case the error massage was this, xp stop: 0x000000d1 along with a few other numbers.

So now it’s time to go to Google and do a search for xp stop: 0x000000d1, and the results I got indicated some type of hardware problem.

Now it’s time to start up in safe mode and go to the Control Panel – then System – then Hardware and then click the + one by one each on listed item looking for red or yellow marks indicating a problem. Remember Windows XP would load in safe mode but not normal mode.

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When I got to the printer item and clicked the plus the drop down showed the printer for the computer and it had a yellow mark, “bingo” but I knew the printer was’t connected so I needed to look further. So when I get dow to the processor item and click the + what do I see! Two of the same processors listed. I knew I had found the Windows Xp won’t boot problem.

So I clicked on one of the listings and opened up it’s dialog box then clicked on properties at the bottom and turned that one processor off, then restarted Windows and wouldn’t you know it, Xp won’t boot problem solved.